Killed or missing heroes

We will gradually publish also killed or missing #BelarusHeroes to commemorate their live and struggle for freedom and to remind that criminal behaviour must be prosecuted (including highest ranked illegally behaving coordinators) to bring at least justice in place for relatives and stop reoccurence.

Preliminary list of killed Belarus heroes (source: wikipedia):

Please contact us in case of data missing/or incorrect.

Victims of police violence in Belarus, August 2020 (source):

Aliaksandr Taraykouski (Alexander Taraikovsky, Аляксандр Тарайкоўскі )(1986—10.08.2020)

Taraikovsky died on August 10, 2020, in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, near Pushkinskaya metro station during the 2020 Belarusian protests against president Alexander Lukashenko. Taraikovsky’s death was recorded as the first death since the beginning of the 2020 Belarusian protests. A video that was published on August 15, 2020, showed Taraikovsky empty-handed being shot by the police.

Aliaksandr Vikhor, Аляксандр Аляксандравіч Віхор (1995—11.08.2020)

(1995 – August 11, 2020 , Gomel ) – the second deceased (officially recognized), detained during protests against fraud in the presidential election in Belarus in 2020.
Vikhor was detained on election day, August 9, when he was going on a date with a girl. He was thrown into a paddy wagon , but he managed to send an SMS to his family. He got sick after being beaten in a paddy wagon. According to the witness:

He was in terrible stress, sweating, worried, asked for medical help all the time, no one paid attention to him. When we were taken from the court to the pre-trial detention center, he was very ill, he asked for help again, called mom and dad. Then the policemen, or who they were, the convoy or the guards, sprayed him with pepper spray. We were taken out, he was left in a paddy wagon alone. I only heard them ask, “What to do with it?”, And they were told, “Let him breathe.”

The boy was later considered insane and taken to a psychiatric hospital. From there he was taken to hospital in a state of clinical death , but it was too late – he died. Source:…..

Kanstantsin Shyshmakou, Konstantin Shishmakov, Канстанцін Шышмакоў (1991—15.08.2020)

The director of the museum, who did not sign the voting protocol, was found dead.

Volunteers of the search and rescue unit “Angel” found dead Konstantin Shishmakov , director of the Vaukavysk Military History Museum named after Bagration. The 29-year-old man was one of two members of the precinct commission who refused to sign the protocol of voting in the recent presidential election – they say it was rigged.

Belarusian museum director who refused to sign false election protocol found dead.
A volunteer search group in Belarus has found the body of 29-year-old Kanstantsin Shyshmakou (or Konstantin Shishmakov), the director of a military history museum in Vawkavysk who refused to sign a falsified electoral protocol claiming that Aleksandr Lukashenka had won the presidential elections. His body was found in a river, with the investigators asserting that their preliminary assessment is that his death is not of a criminal nature. Since Shyshmakou disappeared the first day after returning to work following his refusal to participate in falsifying the elections, it seems unlikely that this will be believed.

Konstantin’s father, Andrei Shyshmakou contacted TUT.BY on 16 August, saying that “it all began on 9 August” when his son, and another member of the electoral commission, refused to sign the electoral results protocol. He told his family that the document had, in any case, been signed for them. They had been offered a car that would take them home, but had refused, saying: “We have nothing to be ashamed of, we’ll make our own way”. He called his son a man with principles.
Source and more:

The father of the deceased director of the Vaukavysk Museum: “I saw everything. This should not happen to loved ones.”

Artsjom Parukau, Artsyom Parukov, Арцём Паруков (2001— 16.08.2020)

On the night of August 16, 19-year-old Artsyom Parukau died on Partyzanski Avenue in Minsk and was officially hit by a Renault car. A pedestrian died at the scene of the accident. His relatives do not know whether he really took part in the mass actions that day. They do not believe in the version of the boy’s death presented by the police. Source:

Henadzi Shutau, Генадзь Шутаў (1977 – 19.08.2020)

Henadzi Shutau from Brest died in the hospital after being shot by the Lukashenka’s security forces during the protests. He was 43 years old. He got a gunshot wound on 11 August. Source:

Nikita Krivtsov, Мікіта Крыўцоў (1992-2020)

From Vilejka, lived in Maladzechna for some time, his family lives in Zhodzina. The missing man’s wife told human rights activists that his phone was last turned on in one of the Republican Centers of the Republican Scientific Research Center (Neurology and Neurosurgery). He could not be found there. On August 22, 28-year-old Mikita Kryutsou was found dead in a forest in the Partyzanski district of Minsk. Nikita Kryvtsou disappeared on August 12. According to his relatives, this morning he went to work in the village of Korolev Stan near Minsk. According to the Investigative Committee, Nikita Kryvtsou suffocated, there were no criminal traces on his body. 

Nikita’s body in the morgue was examined in the presence of an independent expert, lawyer and father. But the condition of the body did not reveal any visual damage. The IC is conducting an investigation into the death, the results of the official examination are expected. Source:

Farewell to Nikita Kryvtsov in Maladzyechna

Raman Bandarenka, Раман Бандарэнка (1989- November 12, 2020)

Raman was an aspiring Belarusian designer, and shop manager. His death is associated with the protests against the false numbers of the 2020 Belarusian presidential election.

On the evening of November 11, 2020, in Minsk, he was beaten by masked assailants in civilian clothing in the yard of his apartment building, known locally as “Square of Changes (PloschaPeramen).” He was taken away by minibus. Later, an ambulance brigade brought him unconscious from the Central District Department of Internal Affairs (Police Station) to a local hospital. There he was diagnosed with a large cerebral edema, closed craniocerebral injury, subdural hematomas, bruises, and abrasions. Raman underwent an operation in an attempt to save his life and slipped into a coma. He never recovered and died on November 12, 2020, in the hospital in Minsk. Source:

Missing people (by November 2020)

Service worked in August 2020 to find missing people. Contact us in case somebody is reported missing after protests or police raids