Ihar Losik

Belarusian blogger, activist, political prisoner.


  • Founder of famous Telegram channel
  • Consultant of Radio free Europe
  • In jail since June 25, 2020
  • Not seen his family since June, despite having very young daughter
  • According to his wife, he is facing inhumane conditions (see more)

Ihar Losik, administrator of a Telegram channel called Belarus Golovnogo Mozga, was detained on July 25th 2020 and placed in a jail on suspicion of “organizing group actions that grossly violate public order”. The human rights community considers this persecution politically motivated.

Human rights organizations made a joint statement. It claims that the picketing is a peaceful assembly, stipulated by law. Accordingly, neither the events in Hrodna on 29 May during the collection of signatures, nor the solidarity chain in Minsk in June can be considered as a violation of public order.

Human rights activists demand immediate release of Ihor Losik and other political prisoners, as well as termination of the criminal case against them.

Ihar Losik has young daughter, nearly 2 years old. His wife Daria Losik made a facebook video where she describes that they have not seen Ihar since June, that her husband is facing inhumane conditions: small, cold cell without sufficent blanket (when “not yet season” as said by authorities), position next to sick fellow prisoner. She also describes a pressure on her family and blames state aparaturs for torturing them. You can find the video and transcription on facebook profile of Ihar Losik.

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